15 Step Lessons

STEP 1 : New Life - What is Christian?STEP 9 : How to Know God's Will
STEP 2 : Assuarance of SalvationSTEP 10 : The Meaning of Trials
STEP 3 : The Promises of Eternal LifeSTEP 11 : Christian Fellowship
STEP 4 : The Bible is the Guidebook for Your LifeSTEP 12 : The Art of Witnessing
STEP 5 : What is Prayer?STEP 13 : Serving God
STEP 6 : How Should We Pray?STEP 14 : The Importance of Church
STEP 7 : Sin and TemptationSTEP 15 : Becoming Like Christ
STEP 8 : Understanding God's Will

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15ステップすべてが終了すると、信仰に役立つ本が無料でもらえます。GIFT LIST so that you can continue further study. These gifts were made it possible because of our generous supporters. It is a gift for you with our prayers that you will keep growing in Christ even after completing our program.


For those who disciple others,

みなさんの主にある忠実な働きを感謝致します! 弟子訓練は、祈りに加え、本当に時間とエネルギーと努力を要するものです。フォローする側、される側にとって、ニーズや方法が違いますので、「これがベスト」といった弟子訓練の方法はないかもしれません。 もしみなさんのお働きで用いる事ができるようでしたら、ご自由にステップレッスンをはじめ、ソーシャルメディアのツールをお用い下さい。

For the person whom you are discipling, please encourage them to complete the each lesson and submit the answers from the Q&A page. It would be a great spritual reflection for them by completing the step lessons and Q&A. If there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate and contact us.