Staff Application

Are you interested in serving together with our discipleship ministry?

Would you like to use your talents to equip others through this ministry? 

We're always looking for staff, interns, and volunteers for our ministry.

Regardless of where you live, you can be involved in both online and offline in discipling people around you.


A)Full time missionary 1:This position is for someone who is ordained and sent by a home church.  You need to show dedication as missionary.   You would also need to raise financial support from a home church, other churches, and individuals.  

B)Full time missionary 2:This position is for someone who is not ordained.  You need to show dedication as missionary.  You need to raise financial support from churches and individuals.

C)Short term missionary (one month-a year):This position involves serving as a short-term staff member.  You can be supported by a church or individuals.

D)Intern (full time/part time):This position is for someone who shows dedication to discipleship ministry through self-support. Through your volunteer work you can receive training and gain experience for future ministry.  

E)Volunteer (full time/part time):This position is for someone who shows dedication to discipleship ministry and is self-supported.  There is no commitment in the length of work.  It could even be on a case-by-case basis.


One should be: A)- a spiritually mature Christian with the experience of discipleship training through God's grace and knowledge.  - knowledgable in the importance of making and training disciples, including evangelism.

B)able to raise approximately 80% of the necessary financial support(相談用)- in the case of full-time missionaries.

C) proficient in English and preferably in Japanese.

D skilled in communication (open attitude, prompt responses, etc.)

Also, you should be spiritually in agreement with the organization (including the statement of faith, ministry purpose/goals, the importance of discipleship, etc.).  

3)Needed Job Areas

A)Offering discipleship, seminar, training, and counseling

B)Developping tools for Bible studies through social media

C)Developping Bible study materials

D)Promotion, marketing, making newsletter etc...

E)graphic designer, web designer


G) accountant

In order to follow God's calling and use your gifts, you can decide on your area of involvement in this ministry.  Additional consultation with Second Level can help you to specify your job description.

Your salary will be determined by the amount of support raised and your level of involvement in the ministry.  

After completion of the application form , we will meet with you to discuss your role.  Then, we'll turn in your application for approval after seeking God’s guidance.  

" for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. "

(Phillipians 2:13)

To apply for a position, please click here.