Second Level

Second Level - Christian Growth


「15here (15 STEP LESSONS)」:15のトピックに整頓された基礎聖書の学び


「T4T」Training for Trainers :学んだことを他の誰かに伝えて行く



Second Level - Christian Growth

1 Post-decision evaluation

2 Incorporation into Body

3 Conceptual and behavioral growth

4 Communion with God (meaningful personal relationship with the Lord)

5 Stewardship (attending a church, service, evangelism, and commitment into the life glorifying God)

6 Sharing the Gospel with others and discipling others(Reaching out to others for their spiritual needs.)

It is God's desire that we believe in the truth (Gospel) and be saved. Salvation is the real start of your life! In order to grow in Christ, it would be wonderful if you could use the step lessons of Second Level.